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Be More In Summer


Bethlehem Christian School Summer Camp

June / July / August 2022

BCS summer program is for children ages 3 through grade 4. Our goal is to provide a variety of educational and enrichment activities, arts, crafts, and sports based activities. 

Camp classes are all FULL!

If you would like to be put on the waiting list please email Sharon Kritzberger

Who We Are...

Mission Statement

Bethlehem Christian School is comprised of two campuses and is owned and run by The Bethlehem Christian School Association. BCS is a non-denominational, Bible believing Christian school. It exists to assist parents in their responsibility of training their children by providing a complete educational program that is Biblically sound, Christ-centered and of excellent academic standards. BCS is committed to equip students for Christian living by instilling Biblical principles of self-discipline, individual responsibility, personal integrity and good citizenship.

Weekly Costs:

Half day: $110/ week 8am- 12:00pm

 Full day: $140/ week 8am-4:00pm

$105/week for each additional child 


Class Size: 

Class sizes are limited! To ensure your child has a spot please fill out the registration and submit. Summer program is first come first serve.

 Thank you for understanding. 



June 13

Preschool- 1st grade: Hawaiian Vacation


Get your plane ticket ready for a trip to Hawaii. Explore the culture, food, beaches and all things Hawaiian.  

2nd - 4th grade: Space Week 

Explore amongst the planets and through the galaxy and create art projects. 

Those entering kindergarten - grade 4 may register at

Preschool -  "Greatness of God" 

Preschool - 4th grade: Cooking Around the World 

This week, campers will learn about different countries and learn their culture. We will research what they eat and cook it. Campers will also create their own cook book. 

Preschool- 1st grade: Colors Camp 

This week we will explore and create with all the colors. Learn how to make colors, and mix. 

2nd-4th grade: Shark Week

This week, campers investigate sharks and their anatomy, and how researchers study sharks. They will also create an investigative report on their favorite shark. 

Preschool - 1st grade: Arts and Crafts 

Let's spend the week exploring and creating different arts and crafts, using a variety of materials and tools. 

2nd- 4th grade: Wacky Art 

Let's explore and create wacky art, using different, fun tools and materials. 

June 20

June 27

Preschool - 4th grade: Sports Camp

On Mission Sports will be coming in and teaching our campers about basic skills and techniques in Basketball 

Preschool -1st grade: Build It 

Building extravaganza! We will use everything, from legos to boxes. Bring your creativity. 

2nd- 4th grade: Gardening

Campers will learn what it is to garden and plant, and even plant some things of their own. 

Preschool- 4th grade: Cooking with literature

Throughout the week, we will read some literature and correlate it with cooking. 

Preschool- 1st grade: Rainforest Adventures.

Get your adventure on, as we explore the rainforest. Who lives there, what can you find in the rainforest? 

2nd- 4th grade: Scavenger Hunts

This week, campers will participate in scavenger hunts, along with creating them. 

August 1

August 15

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