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Be More In Summer


Bethlehem Christian School Summer Camp

June / July / August 2022

BCS summer program is for children ages 3 through grade 4. Our goal is to provide a variety of educational and enrichment activities, arts, crafts, and sports based activities. 

All Classes are now FULL

To be put on the waiting list please email Sharon Kritzberger at

Who We Are...

Mission Statement

Bethlehem Christian School is comprised of two campuses and is owned and run by The Bethlehem Christian School Association. BCS is a non-denominational, Bible believing Christian school. It exists to assist parents in their responsibility of training their children by providing a complete educational program that is Biblically sound, Christ-centered and of excellent academic standards. BCS is committed to equip students for Christian living by instilling Biblical principles of self-discipline, individual responsibility, personal integrity and good citizenship.

Weekly Costs:

Half day: $110/ week 8am- 12:00pm

 Full day: $140/ week 8am-3:00pm

$105/week for each additional child 


Class Size: 

Class sizes are limited! To ensure your child has a spot please fill out the registration and submit. Summer program is first come first serve.

 Thank you for understanding. 



June 12

Preschool- 1st grade: Lego Camp


  Do you love to build with legos? This class is for you. We will work together to build different kits and we will use our creativity to build trucks, cars and sculptures. We will also have time for stories and creative play. 

2nd - 4th grade: Build it

Come out and use your creativity and imagination to build with different materials and learn about some famous structures. 

Preschool - 1st game: Adventure of Clifford

We will read all about Clifford and his friends. Arts and crafts, snacks, and some writing fun!

2nd- 4th grade: Stamping Fun

We are making projects all week with stamps. Some scrapbooking activities as well. 

Preschool - 4th grade: Celebrating Holidays

 It's holiday time! Happy Thanksgiving! Happy Valentine's Day! Even though it's summer time, we will celebrate a holiday everyday with stories, fun crafts, games, and eating tasty snacks. 

2nd-4th: Poetry 

We will learn about different forms of poetry. You will learn to write your own poems. 

Preschool- 1st grade: Dino Mania

Learn about when dinosaurs roamed the earth Includes art, stories, songs, games and your imagination.

2nd-4th grade: Calling all Artists

Create an art project everyday and learn a variety of mixed media. 

Preschool - 1st grade: Sports camp

On Mission Sports will be coming in and teaching our campers about basic skills and techniques in sports games.  

2nd- 4th grade:Sports camp 

On Mission Sports will be coming in and teaching our campers about basic skills and techniques in sports games.  

June 19

June 26

Preschool - 1st grade: Art at the beach

Who loves the beach? Come and explore fun in the sun! We'll be busy painting, drawing and sculpting things at the beach. 

2nd- 4th grade: Magic Tree House: 

Come and travel through time and around the world with Jake and Annie. Learn about the times, place, and cultures they visit on their adventures. Tons of fun activities throughout the week.

Preschool -1st grade: Eric Carle

Learn about this exciting author / illustrator through his books, art and life. 

2nd- 4th grade: Spy Academy 

Only the best master codes, break obstacles to gain top secret information...Do you have what it takes? 

Preschool- 4th grade: Model Magic Mania 

Who doesn't love model magic? We'll have a full week of projects. 

Preschool- 1st grade: Watercolors

Experiment with a variety of techniques as you create your own watercolor masterpiece. 

2nd- 4th grade: Take a trip on Rt 66

We will be traveling across the nation, using historic route 66 as our guide. Historic events, monuments, landmarks, researching, reading, creating, and writing. 

July 31

August 14

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